Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Van Morrisson - Brown Eyed Girl

Here's another classic that needs just 4 easy chords. Just make up the lalalala stuff when you get to it!

Notice how I'm being careful with the spacing eg
[G] Down in the [C]hollow,
'Down' is just after the beat, whereas 'hollow' is smack on.

I sometimes use * to indicate a half-beat, and later count through individual beats if its tricky

[C] = x32010
[G] = 320003
[D7] = 2120xx
[Em] = 022000

Chord Patterns
G C G D7 x 4
C D7 G Em
C D7 G D7

Bridge: D7
G C G D7 x 2
G D7 G G
C D7 G D7

Verse 1
[G]Hey, where did we [C]go,
[G] days when the [D7]rain came
[G] Down in the [C]hollow,
[G] a'playin a [D7]new game
[G] a'Laughin, and a [C]runnin, hey, hey.
[G] a-skipping and a [D7] jumping
[G] in the misty [C]morning fog,
[G] * with our [D7]hearts a thumpin' and

[C]you, [D7] my brown eyed [G]girl [Em]
[C] You, [D7] my brown eyed [G]girl [D7]

Verse 2
Whatever happened?
Tuesday went so slow ..
Down in the old mine
With a transistor radio

Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hiding behind a rainbow's wall
Slipping and a sliding
All along the waterfall ...

...with you, my brown eyed girl
You, my brown eyed girl

[D7] Do you remember when............. we used to

[G]sing Sha*lalalala [C] lala *la-la
[G]la lala*la te [D7] da Just like that
[G] Sha-la *lalalala[C]lala *la-la la
[G]lalalala*la-te[D7]da *la-ti

[G]da 2 bi 4 [D7]day 2 la-ti-4
[G]da 2 3 bom Da 2 3 bom [G]Da 2 3 bom Di di di di
[C]buum 2 3 buum 1 2 da 4 [D7]buum *bi da
[G]buum -buum da [D7]yabbadabba-diddi-bay
Verse 3
[G] Now I'm getting [C]older
[G] Now that I'm all [D7]on my own
[G] I saw you just the [C]other day
[G] and My, how [D7]you have grown
[G] Cast my memory [C]back there Lord ...
Some[G]times I'm overcome [D7]thinkin' 'bout it
[G] A-laughing and a [C]kissing hey, hey
[G] Behind the [D7]stadium

with [C]you, [D7] my brown eyed [G]girl [Em]
[C] You, [D7] my brown eyed [G]girl [D7]

Do you re[D7]member when.... we used to

[G]sing Sha*lalalala [C] lala *la-la [G]la lala*la te [D7] da Just like that
[G] Sha-la *lalalala[C]lala *la-la la[G]lalalala*la-te[D7]da *la-ti

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