Friday, October 31, 2008

Learning guitar

Learning guitar
I picked up guitar last time I was in India. Started playing on Caoru's guitar. Caoru is another Kalari student, and Kalari is a yoga-like martial art from India that is currently spreading through the west like wildfire.

I learned off the net - sites like and, googling songs and chord-shapes, sticking on an mp3 and jamming along, trying to pick out the vocals. Learning to sing.

"If you wish to play, you must first learn to sing"
I wasted years on the piano ignoring this guy's wisdom. So, in this blog, over the next few months - I'm going to be putting up my favourite songs, starting with easy ones - it's possible to play loads of songs with only 3 or 4 chords!

Recently I have damaged my left wrist, so I took the strings out, turned the bridges round and restrung it leftie-style. I'm surprised - I prefer it this way! It's taken a couple of weeks to toughen up my hands and transfer the finger-memory. But I am learning better the second time around!

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